Welcome to the Dunwoody Nature Center


Tree Climb Adventure - October 17th

Bring the whole family and enjoy a beautiful fall day in Dunwoody Park.  Take a walk on our nature trails, visit some of our fall activity stations, or just come and enjoy the beauty of the park in the fall on your own - find our GeoCaches, hang out in the treehouse, or dip your toes in Wildcat Creek.

Climb a Tree - for the kids in all of us

Join Peter “Treeman” Jenkins and his team from Tree Climbers International at the Nature Center to learn the “ropes” of tree climbing.  Join the founders of the sport of tree climbing in two of our majestic oaks that date back to the beginning days of Dunwoody.     


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The Milkweed Project

The Nature Center is embarking on a major initiative to help protect the monarch butterfly and raise awareness of the troubling decline of the population. We will be rolling out our program in the coming weeks, leading into Monarchs & Margaritas, and have some great programs already in place. Below, is a full synopsis of the issue, what can be done, and what the Nature Center proposes to do. As you’ll see from the materials below, there is a simple, elegant solution to the problem.

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