Classes and Camps

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Classes and Camps

2015 Summer Camp

At the Dunwoody Nature Center, we feature 22 acres and four distinct habitats that allow our campers to explore nature in a structured environment. By combining play and learning, children are able to grow and develop at their own pace and better understand how they are a part of the larger world. Our renovated and expanded classroom space received rave reviews in 2014 and now include our main education building, porch, cabin, Native American Teepee, and Foxes Den. Year after year, our camps achieve satisfaction ratings of nearly 100% and most of our new camp families each summer come as referrals from other campers!


In 2014, the Nature Center served over 750 children through our camps at Dunwoody Park and Island Ford. Were their parents satisfied? You Bet! Among surveyed respondents, 99% said that they would recommend the Nature Center's camps to a friend and 98% plan to return again this summer.

We're so excited about our summer camp lineup for 2015 that features several new camp themes as well as our many of our camper's favorites from years' past. Don't forget, early registration opens February 1st FOR MEMBERS ONLY and then on February 15th for the general public.

Last year, every one of our camps filled to capacity (some during the "member only" registration period) so don't delay! You can become a member during registration, and your annual family membership of just $50 also gives you a discount of over $25 for each camp your child signs up for, plus numerous other benefits throughout the year. Already a member or not sure if your membership is up to date? Send us an email at and we'll be happy to check it for you. Or, renew today at

Download our 2015 Summer camp themes and dates

Download "A Day in the Life" - our Summer Camp activity guide


Download our Summer Camp FAQ 

Meet Holly - our Summer Camp Director


Holly Loveland is one of the Nature Center’s longest tenured educators – going back to the summer of 1997 when she first joined our team. Holly has a BS in Conservation Biology from Brigham Young University ('94) and has taught field trip programs, summer camps, scout programs, and preschool programs with the Nature Center. Holly’s popular “Mommy & Me” classes have been the hit of the spring. Holly and her husband have 5 children of their own and in her free time (hah!) Holly enjoys running and recently completed her fourth marathon. Holly loves teaching children about nature and the role they play in preserving the planet. We at the Nature Center are thrilled to have Holly as our summer camp director. Holly can be reached directly via email at


2015 Camps: Fast Facts

Half Day Camp
Full Day Camp
Junior Rangers
For Ages 3 & 4 For Rising K-5 Ages 9-12
From 9:30 - 12:30 From 9:30 - 3:30 From 8:30 - 4:30

Members: $145 (5 days)
Non-members: $180 (5 days)

Members: $235 (5 days)
Non-members: $270 (5 days)

Members: $260 (5 days)
Non-members: $285 (5 days)

* 4 Day Camps (Memorial Week & July 4th) will be $190 for Members, $220 for Non-Members for Full Day
* 4 Day Camps (Memorial Week & July 4th) will be $120 for Members, $145 for Non-Members for Half Day

Come Early - Join us for Early Birds:
  • Early drop off before camp beginning at 8:15
  • All ages of campers
  • $30 per camper for 5 days

Stay Late - Play Games of Strategy with friends:
  • Late pick up after camp up until 5:30 PM
  • Full Day Camp (Kindergarten - 5th grade) only
  • $60 per camper for 5 days

2015 Camps and Descriptions


Camp Theme and Description

May 26 - May 29
(Memorial Day Week
4-day camp)


We Dig Dirt

At the Dunwoody Nature Center, we know our campers love digging in the dirt to discover. This week, campers will use their senses and power of observation to explore the different textures, smells, colors, and size of dirt. Whether looking for cool rocks, examining shiny minerals, casting fossils, digging for artifacts, or searching for hidden treasures, campers will get their hands dirty as they investigate and explore Dunwoody Park’s dirt.

June 1 - June 5

Bugs and Slugs

Kids love bugs! They are just plain fun, especially when they can spend a whole week learning about and scouring Dunwoody Park for ladybugs, roly-poly’s, ants, water striders and more. Campers will learn how to identify and classify creepy crawlies from insects to spiders. Bugs are very active at the Nature Center during the summer and it is the perfect place to learn all about them while playing games, hiking, or making cool crafts. Kids will explore the world of bugs as they sing about them, move like them, paint them, and even hold them!


June 8 - June 12

Skulls, Skins, & Scats

Skulls, Skins, & Scats…Oh My! Dunwoody Park is home to a variety of wildlife that leave their mark in interesting ways all over our park. Campers will spend the week exploring the trails and creek looking for tracks and scats from deer, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and who knows what else! They’ll investigate where these park residents live, what they eat, and how they move. Campers will also get an up close look at skulls and skins from various Georgia wildlife species learning about how these animals have adapted to survive in Georgia. Your camper will discover wildlife like never before, they might even get to make their own “scat” or cast of an animal footprint!  


June 15 - June 19

Water World


Come and spend a week with us to find out why water is so essential for plants, animals, and even our survival. We will study with it, experiment with it, get wet with it, and see how far it flies. We will not only explore the wetlands and Wildcat Creek, but also discuss all the places water travels. From the clouds to the oceans, we will follow water on its journey around our world. Through games, experiments, crafts, and exploration, campers will learn all about the importance of water in our world.



June 22 - June 26

Lizards, Frogs, and Snakes


If it scampers, croaks, or slithers, it will be fair game this week as your camper is immersed in all things reptile and amphibian. Through nature exploration, games, and crafts, campers will leave no stone unturned learning about our cold-blooded friends. Our creek and wetlands are the perfect place to begin to understand what makes reptiles and amphibians so interesting. Sshhh... if we're quiet, we'll probably see some of our cold blooded friends as they bask in the sun, search for food, or swim in Wildcat Creek.



June 22 - June 26
(Ages 9-12)

Junior Ranger Camp (At Island Ford)


Each day, campers will engage in nature discovery and games, using the Island Ford Facility on the Chattahoochee River as our classroom. Campers will practice strategies learned during the week from their Junior Ranger booklet by canoeing in the facility's pond and performing safety skills. We will learn to navigate throughout the park and we’ll explore the ponds/watersheds of the park while discussing conservation methods and the importance of the Chattahoochee River to the local Native Americans. Campers will learn about native plants and animals that inhabit the National Park. At the end of the week, parents are invited to join us as the campers receive their Junior Ranger badges in a presentation led by the Rangers of the Chattahoochee National River Area.


Camp Theme and Description

June 29 - July 2
4-Day Camp
(No camp July 4th)

Hunters and Gatherers         

Join us as we take a step back in time and learn what life was like before fast food, computers, and cars! Campers will learn what it was like to live off the land. Through games, experiments, crafts, and exploration, they will discover how early man survived from the natural resources available to them.  Campers will learn how to build a shelter to protect them from the elements or build a fire with no matches; maybe a wheel can help… wait, what’s a wheel? Living in the past wasn’t easy but they made it. From food to tools to shelter, nature has it all… if only we know where to look.



July 6 - July 10

Teepees, Tribes, and Totem Poles


Take a journey with Native Americans as we explore and learn about their lives and culture. Campers will become “tribe” members, explore the traditions, homes, village life, food gathering strategies, the importance of sports and games and maybe even find out who the 3 sisters are.  They will replicate Native American art, design and construct totem poles, spend time in a real teepee and focus on life as it was - good times with friends and community.



July 6 - July 10
(Ages 9-12)

Up the Creek... (At Island Ford)


The Island Ford facility is a perfect place for our campers to learn all about water. From the Chattahoochee River to the streams and pond, we will explore, study, and discover what lurks beneath these unique aquatic ecosystems – of course having fun and getting wet in the process. We will use scientific techniques, hands on discovery and our own curiosity to learn about the health of our water ecosystems as well as the plant and animal life that each supports.


July 13 - July 17

Around the World


Take a journey around the world, exploring the various habitats that exist on our planet. From deserts to rain forests to glaciers, learn how animals survive in these extreme habitats. Your camper will learn why snakes in the desert jump instead of slither and how gorillas use rocks as tools to crack nuts. Animals all over the world have developed traits that help them to survive in their particular habitat; your camper will step into that habitat and learn to live like these animals do.  





July 13 - July 17
(Ages 9-12)

Wilderness Adventure (At Island Ford)


Our campers will explore Island Ford to learn about the environment and develop their outdoor living skills. From navigating the wilderness to gathering food to building shelters, they will experience and understand the basic techniques for safely enjoying the outdoors. Practicing Leave No Trace principles, our campers will play, learn, and thoroughly enjoy seeing the wilderness from a new perspective. 


July 20 - July 24

Creek Week

Our campers love Wildcat Creek! This is a whole week dedicated to the crown jewel of Dunwoody Park. The campers will learn all is there is to know about our creek – what feeds it? Where does it go? Who lives in there? What grows near it? And perhaps most importantly – how can we help to preserve this local treasure! Bring them prepared to get wet and go home happy!



July 27 - July 31

Mad Scientists


Does your camper love to mix things together to see what will happen or have a budding curiosity about how things work? Then this is the perfect camp for your scientist! During the week, we will ask questions, hypothesize, experiment, and analyze as only the Nature Center can. Using nature as the subject, we will begin to make sense of the natural world through hands-on activities. Nature, in all its abstract beauty, is full of things that we can better understand… if we think like a scientist!





Camp Theme and Description 

August 3 - August 7

Explorers, Hikers, and Trail Blazers


This week is dedicated to that adventurer in all of us. Whether your camper’s eyes get wide when turning over a rock, following a trail, or blazing their own path, Dunwoody Park has something for everyone. Campers will spend the week exploring, hiking and blazing at their own pace!  Learning how to navigate the trails safely, setting up a fun and safe campsite, or practicing Leave No Trace, they will love finding new adventures and making new friends. At the end of the week, they will put their newly learned skills to the test in an all-out, end of camp treasure hunt. 



August 10- August 13
(1/2 Day Camp only)
No Camp Friday, Aug. 14

We Love Bugs and Butterflies, Too


Kids love bugs and butterflies! Nothing captures the attention of our youngest campers more than finding a really cool bug or watching a beautiful butterfly flutter through our pollinator garden. The bugs and butterflies are hopping at the Nature Center during the summer and we love to show them off. You camper will explore and discover the world of bugs and butterflies as they play games, take hikes, and make cool crafts. This is a great warm up week for our Butterfly Festival which will be on August 15th.



General Information

  • Camps offer age-appropriate, themed activities that appeal to different learning styles.
  • Campers enjoy nature discovery, trail walks, arts & crafts, science experiments, games, free play and snack/lunch time.
  • Our teachers are adult professional educators, with extensive backgrounds in science, environmental education and art. A staff member trained in CPR and First Aid is on site at all times.
  • Too old to be a camper? We place junior counselors with each session. Call for information on age and service requirements.
  • We emphasize waste reduction and water conservation in every camp. So we recommend reusable containers for food and drink.
  • Federal Identification Number (for childcare tax forms): 58-2009823. Confirmations are sent immediately upon registration - please save this for your records.
  • Too old to attend camp, but still want to be a part of the best camps in Dunwoody? Learn about becoming a Junior Counselor on our website at


CamperReg 101

  • Click your camp choice.
  • Click "Register" at the bottom of the camp description.
  • Either enter your account information or set up your account.
  • You will receive electronic confirmations of placement, payment, and waitlisting.
  • If you're waitlisted, your payment information is NOT processed until a spot opens; we'll contact you before placing your child in the camp (and processing your payment).
  • You can manage your camper's account, updating information, adding or changing camps if they're available, and cancelling if plans change (cancellation refund subject to DNC policy outlined in General Information
  • Membership status will be confirmed upon receipt of your registration. Not a member? Add a $50.00 Annual Family Membership to you shopping cart to receive at least $25.00 off per camper per week! Other membership benefits include class discounts, free admission to our spring, summer and fall concert series, Special "Members Only" sneak preview at our Butterfly Festival and birthday party privileges. Become a member today! We will invoice the “up-charge” non-member amount if we are unable to confirm your membership. Please call us at 770-394-3322 if you are unsure of your membership status. Thanks for choosing the Dunwoody Nature Center - where kids thrive.

Payments and Cancellations

PAYMENT: Registration is online only; we accept Debit and Credit, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.


CANCELLATIONS: Camps cancelled by parents up to two weeks before the start of a camp are refunded at 80% of the original fee. Camps cancelled within two weeks of the camp's start date will not be refunded. In those cases where there is availability in another week of camp, every attempt will be made to honor a transfer request. If there is availability, a cancellation fee will not be charged.



Behavior Policy

The Dunwoody Nature Center’s goal is for ALL campers to have the opportunity to discover their strengths and have fun. In order to do this, all of our kids must feel safe at camp. Please review the following policies with your child before arriving at camp, as this is what helps us ensure everybody’s safety and the quality of our programs. Download the Behavior Policy here.